Nominations for
Vice-Chair / Chair Elect and Secretary / Treasurer

The ILUG is seeking nominations for the office of Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect and for the office of Secretary/Treasurer for the 2018-2019 term. Nominees will be contacted and invited to stand for election.

The Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect works with the ILUG Chair to organize ILUG events at both IUG and AALL. In their second year of service, this individual becomes the ILUG Chair. In that position, he or she is responsible for sending email announcements to the ILUG membership about: the ILUG luncheon at IUG, ILUG programming at AALL, ILUG grants, and other issues of concern to ILUG members. In addition, the Chair organizes the ILUG Luncheon at IUG as well as the ILUG programming and luncheon at the AALL Annual Meeting.

The Secretary/Treasurer assists the Chair and Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect in planning ILUG events at IUG and AALL. In addition, he or she is responsible for collecting ILUG member dues and luncheon costs at ILUG events. As needed, the treasurer distributes funds and maintains the membership list. The treasurer serves a two-year term.

Please share this request for nominations with others in your library that may be interested in the position, or that know someone else who may be interested. The nominee does not have to be the library's designated ILUG contact in order to run for office. This is your chance to serve. Self-nominations are strongly encouraged.

Email Your Nomination to Katrina Piechnik at

Thank you on behalf of the Nominations Committee: Katrina Piechnik, Suzie Shatarevyan, and Diana Jaque.