Minutes of the Annual Meeting
Saturday, July 16, 2016
Chicago, Illinois


The 2016 Annual Meeting of the Innovative Law Users Group was held at the Hyatt Regency Chicago, Michigan B/C Ballroom, in Chicago, Illinois. Scott Matheson, ILUG Chair 2015-2016, called the meeting to order. A copy of today's agenda for the meeting was provided. First time attendees were recognized, as were grant recipients.

2015 Minutes

After reviewing the minutes from the 2015 annual meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, there was a motion to approve the minutes which was seconded, and members voted to present the minutes as presented. The minutes had previously been posted to the ILUG website.

Innovative Interfaces

The Chair thanked Innovative for its support of the meeting, including breakfast and break refreshments, technology equipment, and speakers. Innovative staff members attending the meeting were introduced by the Chair. Marjorie McLaughlin, Director of Library Relations Management, was recognized for her valuable assistance in coordinating this meeting. Nicole Belbin, treasurer, provided copies of the latest treasurer's report and announced that membership renewal may be made through the PayPal account or by check. ILUG will begin accepting membership renewals after August 1, 2016. The results of the latest election for Vice-Chair/Chair-elect and Treasurer were announced: Whitney Curtis, of Barry Law, will be the incoming Vice-Chair/Chair-elect and Kathy Layer, of Western New England, will take on the role of treasurer.

Passing the Gavel

Scott expressed thanks to Ismael Gullon, immediate past chair, for his assistance and to ILUG for the opportunity to serve as Chair. The Chair passed the gavel to Ashley Krenelka Chase, Chair-Elect. Upon completion of regular business items, the following programs were presented:

Then the following Lighting talks were presented:

Ashley Krenelka Chase, Chair, adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted by,
Ashley Krenelka Chase