Minutes of the Annual Meeting
Saturday, July 18, 2015
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


The 2015 Annual Meeting of the Innovative Law Users Group was held at the Philadelphia Marriott Hotel, Grand Ballroom Salon D, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Ismael Gullon, ILUG Chair 2014-2015, called the meeting to order. A copy of today's agenda for the meeting was provided. First time attendees were recognized. Participants were advised that the Power Points presentations presented by ILUG members will be posted to the ILUG website after August 1.

2014 Minutes

After reviewing the minutes from the 2014 annual meeting in San Antonio, Texas, there was a motion to approve the minutes and it was seconded, and members voted to accept the minutes as presented. The minutes had previously been posted to the ILUG website.

Innovative Interfaces

The Chair thanked Innovative Interfaces for its generous support of the meeting, including breakfast and break refreshments, technology equipment and speakers. Innovative staff members attending the meeting were introduced by the Chair: Hilary Newman, Vice President Global Partnership and Customer Engagement; Marjorie McLaughlin, Director of Library Relations Management; Andy Rogers, Library Relations Manager. Marjorie was recognized for her valuable assistance in coordinating both the ILUG luncheon in Minneapolis and the ILUG meeting in Philadelphia. Hilary Newman provided the Innovative Company Update and Andy Rogers presented BIBFRAME and Linked Data program. ILUG appreciates and recognizes the continued support of Innovative Interfaces for the TS/OBS/RIPS/CS-SIS Joint Reception.

Treasurer's Report

Nicole Belbin, treasurer, provided copies of the report. ILUG has a balance of $2,628.72 as of June 30, 2015. Nicole filed with the IRS and obtained tax exempt status for ILUG. We are classified as a 501c (7)-Social Club. The ILUG's taxpayer identification number has been posted on the ILUG website as well as the ILUG W-9 form. Membership renewal may be made through the PayPal account. ILUG will begin accepting membership renewals after August 1, 2015.

Nominations/Elections Report

The Chair announced that the Nominations/Elections Committee comprised of Barbara Szalkowski (Chair), Larissa Sullivant, and Christina Tarr had recruited candidates for the Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect. The candidates were Ashley Krenelka Chase (Stetson University) and Jennifer Fritz (George Washington University). Ashley was elected Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect.

Grant Committee

Members of the Grant Committee appointed by the Chair include Caitlyn Lam (Chair), Katrina Piechnick, and Karen Selden. In addition to providing grants to attend the 2015 Annual Meeting, ILUG also provided grants to attend Innovative Users Group in Minneapolis, April 13-16, 2015. The grant recipients are: Amber Hatch, University of Texas Jamail Center for Legal Research; Seong Heon Lee, Chapman University Law Library, and Ashley Moye, Charlotte School of Law. Amber Hatch and Ashley Moye will be presenting this morning. Seon Lee wrote an article that has been posted to the ILUG website.

ILUG Luncheon in Minneapolis

The ILUG luncheon was held at the annual IUG meeting in Minneapolis (April 14, 2015). We had 30 attendees and two Innovative staff members. Box lunches were provided and participants were able to choose a table based on the following topics:

The Chair thanked Scott, Nicole, and Marlene for their willingness to serve as discussion leaders.

ILUG Proposals

The ILUG membership voted on two proposals: 1) to change the fiscal year from January to December to July to June and 2) to increase membership dues from $40 to $50. Both proposals were approved.

Special Thanks

The Chair extended special thanks to Martin Wisneski, ILUG Webmaster, Assistant Director and Head of Technical Services, Washburn University School of Law Library for maintaining and updating the ILUG website, and Joe Thomas, past ILUG Chair, Associate Director for Information Services, Kresge Law Library, University of Notre Dame for his advice and feedback.

2015-2016 ILUG Team

The 2015-2016 ILUG officers were introduced by the Chair:

Passing the Gavel

Ismael expressed thanks for the opportunity to serve as Chair this year. Scott Matheson and Nicole Belbin were recognized for their service and feedback. Ismael also thanked ILUG membership for feedback from the monthly tip "Effective Strategies for Searching & Navigating in Sierra/Millennium." The Chair passed the gavel to Scott Matheson, Chair-Elect. Upon completion of regular business items, the following programs were presented:

Scott Matheson, Chair, adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted by,
Ismael Gullon