Minutes of the Annual Meeting
July 14, 2008
Portland, Oregon

I. Introduction
The 2008 annual meeting of the Innovative Law Users Group members was held at the Hilton Portland & Executive Tower in Portland, Oregon with 42 members attending. Breakfast and breaks were provided courtesy of Innovative Interfaces, Inc. The meeting was called to order by Amy Moberly on behalf of Sarah Boling who was unable to attend at 9:06 am. Amy read a message of welcome and thanks from Sarah Boling.

II. Minutes
A motion was made, seconded, and members voted to approve the 2007 minutes from the annual meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana.

III. Chair Report
Amy read Sarah's summary of the year's activity. She also encouraged people who were not already subscribed to subscribe to the ILUG listserv as well as consider volunteering for the mentoring program. A brief introduction to the day's program was given and people were asked to share any information they might have on where to go in DC next year.

IV. Treasurer's Report
David Burch gave the treasurer's report.

V. Officers
Thanks were given to outgoing Past Chair, Katrina Piechnik, Jenkins Law Library and Amy Moberly, California Western School of Law was introduced as the incoming Chair. Shannon Burchard, University of San Francisco, School of Law was sworn in as the new Vice Chair and the treasurer David Burch, Loyola of Los Angeles Law continued on for another year.

VI. New Business
There was a request for CASE database suggestions for Bob McQuillan. BNA & CCH were two top requests for CASE coverage. Katrina Piechnik inquired about an additional Director's symposium for county and private law libraries.

JULY 10, 2008

Balance July 5, 2007                  $ 4,572.60


  2007 Dues                           $    80.00
  2007 Luncheon payments              $   290.00
  2008 Dues                           $ 4,160.00
  2008 Luncheon payments              $   486.00

  TOTAL INCOME                        $ 5,016.00


  2007 Luncheon                       $ 1,272.50
  2007 Annual meeting A/V & food      $   491.56
  2008 IUG/ILUG Luncheon subsidy      $ 1,171.00
  State (Calif.) & Federal taxes      $   782.85
  Mailings                            $   105.27
  Bank Service Fees                   $   100.00

  TOTAL EXPENSES                      $ 3,923.18

Balance July 10, 2008                 $ 5,565.42

Number of member libraries = 104