Minutes of the Annual Meeting
July 16, 2005
San Antonio, Texas

(emendations by Thomas Baker)

I. Introduction
The 2005 annual meeting of Innovative Law Users Group members was held at the Marriott River Center Hotel in San Antonio, Texas. Joseph Hinger, ILUG Chair, called the meeting to order, thanked III for its support of breakfast and the breaks, introduced new members, current officers, and III staff members present, and welcomed all 65 attendees of the meeting.

II. Minutes
A motion was made, seconded, and members voted to approve the Minutes of the 2004 meeting. These minutes were included among the materials handed out at the meeting and also were distributed to members prior to the meeting via e-mail.

III. Chair's Report
Joseph talked about the ILUG annual lunch held during the IUG in the Spring. He encouraged attendees' involvement in the IUG meeting. This year, during the ILUG meeting law luncheon, 57 members attended, joined by Innovative staff led by III's CEO Jerry Klein.

IV. Treasurer's Report
Phyllis Post gave the Treasurer's Report, and referred to the copy of the printed report included among the materials handed out at the meeting. (see attachment below) She noted that the role of the Treasurer is principally to collect dues and to arrange for the annual meeting, including the lunch, to be paid for. She suggested that due to the rising cost of the meetings we would need to raise our membership dues.

V. Officers
Joseph introduced the incoming Chair Tom Baker, (Arthur W. Diamond Law Library, Columbia Law School), and passed to him the "Orange Envelope of Power" Also, he announced the election results and introduced officers for the incoming year:

Joe thanked all the candidates for their willingness to run for office, Tom passed the confetti envelope to Katrina for the coming year, and presented gifts to outgoing Chair Joseph and Treasurer Phyllis, acknowledging her organization skills of keeping him on track.

VI. New Business
Joseph called for any New Business. Increasing of dues has become a necessity due to the rising cost of ILUG events. After short discussion the decision was made to double annual dues to $40.00 per year per institution. This decision was approved by vote by all 65 members present at the meeting. Joseph also talked about next year's ILUG meeting in St. Louis and the need of working with local arrangement committee led by Richard Amelung for help in locating a place for the ILUG luncheon outside of the convention Center, as this was done this year in San Antonio.

The annual business meeting was adjourned, and the Group moved on to the Annual Workshop Program.

VII. Annual Workshop Program

Attached please find the program for the day, also the Treasurer's Report.

For those of you that were not able to join us during the annual program I have to mention the warm welcome of Sandy Westall's company update. She also invited everyone to the Alphabet Soup reception sponsored by Innovative Interfaces. She expressed the importance of working with law librarians and the company presence at AALL annual meetings for the last 20 years. She stressed the stability in ownership & management of III. Many of you might be interested in the introduced new line of services provided to III's customers:

Sandy's presentation is available at http://csdirect.iii.com/ppt/#aall2005/

Scott Matheson and Ann Nez Program materials are available online at http://www.innopaclaw.org/programmaterials/2005/.

Minutes respectfully submitted,

Katrina Piechnik
September 12, 2005

2005 ILUG Agenda

8:30 - 9:00 am Registration and breakfast*
9:00 - 9:30 am Business Meeting: Joseph Hinger
  » Approval of minutes
  » Chair's Report: Joseph Hinger
  » Business: Joseph Hinger
  » Treasurer's Report: Phyllis Post
  » Installation of new Chair: Thomas Baker
  » New Business/Announcements: Thomas Baker
9:30 - 10:15 am Electronic Resources
Innovative Interfaces, Inc., Ted Fons
10:15 - 10:30 am Break*
10:30 - 11:00 am III Company Update
Sandy Westall
11:00 - 11:45 am Create Lists
Ann Nez, University of Washington
11:45 - 1:15 pm Lunch (Advance Registration required)
1:15 - 2:00 pm WebBridge: A University's Experience
Scott Matheson, Yale Law School
2:00 - 2:45 pm WebOPAC Refresher and other New Services
Innovative Interfaces, Inc., Sandy Westall
2:45 - 3:00 pm Break*
3:00 - 3:45 pm Discussion Groups
   Technical Services Administration
3:45 - 4:30 pm Discussion Groups
4:30 - 4:45 pm Wrap-up and Adjournment: Thomas Baker

* Breakfast and breaks provided courtesy of Innovative Interfaces, Inc.

JULY 16, 2005

Balance July 31, 2004                  $ 3,732.41


  2004 Dues                            $    40.00
  2004 Luncheon payments               $   280.00
  2005 Dues                            $ 2,180.00
  AALL Refund                          $   100.00
  2005 Luncheon payments               $   924.00

TOTAL INCOME                           $ 3,524.00


  2004 Annual Meeting (Marriott)       $ 2,685.02
  2004 IUG/ILUG Luncheon subsidy       $   568.75
  State (Calif.) & Federal taxes       $   484.19
  2005 Annual Meeting deposit (AALL)   $   200.00
  2005 Luncheon deposit (Boudro's)     $   500.00
  Mailings                             $   201.84
  Bank Service Fees                    $    80.00

TOTAL EXPENSES                         $ 4,719.80

Balance July 16, 2005                  $ 2,536.61

Number of member libraries = 110

Respectfully submitted,
Phyllis Post, ILUG Treasurer