Minutes of the Annual Meeting
July 20, 2002
Orlando, Florida

I. Introduction
Virginia Bryant called the meeting to order. She asked new attendees to introduce themselves and then introduced the officers, Mary Strouse (Catholic University of America), as Vice-Chair/Chair Elect, and Barbara Plante (University of Connecticut), who is continuing as Treasurer.

II. Minutes
On a motion duly seconded, the minutes of the 2001 annual business meeting were approved as published in the November 2001 mailing.

III. Chair's Report
Virginia gave the Chair’s report. She outlined the day’s agenda. She thanked Mary and Barbara for all of their hard work as officers, and also thanked Brian Quigley (University of Texas) for managing the ILUG listserv, Martin Wisneski (Washburn University) for serving as ILUG Webmaster, and Richard Amelung for serving as Past Chair. Virginia thanked Innovative Interfaces for sponsoring the breaks and for sending representatives to speak at the meeting.

Virginia encouraged users to sign up for the listserv, whether or not they are the ILUG coordinator at their library. In addition to getting information out on the listserv, ILUG sent two mailings to member institutions in the past year. Four individuals took advantage of the announcement of a mentoring program that was announced in the Fall mailing.

IV. Treasurer's Report
Barbara Plante gave the Treasurer’s Report. She stated that we have 114 members and a balance of $3,017.66, some of which will go to help subsidize today’s luncheon. [A copy of the treasurer’s report will be distributed in the Spring mailing].

V. Officers
Virginia announced the election results. Elizabeth Moore (Loyola University School of Law New Orleans) was elected Vice-Chair. Virginia thanked Amy Moberly (California Western School of Law) for her willingness to run for office. Virginia introduced Mary Strouse and passed her the “orange folder” to symbolize her installation as the 2002/2003 Chair of ILUG.

VI. New Business
Mary Strouse thanked Virginia for her graciousness and quiet competence. She remarked that Virginia is the second person to hold all three offices. Mary presented Virginia with a book on horticultural history as a thank you for her service.

Mary announced that the annual meeting of IUG, which is held in the Spring of each year, will be a little different next year. The pre-conference will start on Friday, rather than Saturday, and the ILUG luncheon will be on Saturday.

The membership directory is on the ILUG website. A list of law libraries with Innovative catalogs is maintained by Anne Myers. Some members have suggested that we put e-mail addresses or links to the library catalogs on the website. We have decided not to add e-mail addresses because this could be used by harvesters to spam.

There will be a change in the enhancements cycle. We will have the opportunity to submit and vote for enhancements in Fall 2002 and again in Spring 2003. Enhancement requests are due by March 1, 2003. The ballots will be discussed in a series of open forums at IUG, and voted on in May. The results will be announced at ALA Annual in June. In future, ballots will be announced and voted on in Spring, and submitted to Innovative at ALA.

Users may always send requests to enhance@iii.com, but the only way to get a request on the IUG ballot is to submit it on the form provided on the IUG website.

There being no other new business, the annual business meeting was closed.

VII. Annual Workshop Program

Program: Serials Update
Ted Fons, Product Manager, Innovative Interfaces, Inc.

Program: My AltaVista: The Advanced Keyword Adventure
Mary Strouse, Head of Technical Services, Catholic University of America Law Library

Note: Powerpoint slides from this presentation are available on the ILUG website. An updated version of the same presentation is available on the MAIUG website at http://www.goucher.edu/library/maiug/sessions02.html.

11:45-1:00 -- Lunch

Innovative News and Update
Sandy Westall, Vice President, Library Services, Innovative Interfaces, Inc.

Program: Inn-Reach for Law Libraries : A Research Project
Sandy Westall, Vice President, Library Services, Innovative Interfaces, Inc.

Program: Millennium Cataloging: A Beta Experience
Barbara Plante, Catalog Section Supervisor, University of Connecticut School of Law Library

Discussion Groups: Modules
Acquisitions - Diane Altimari (Nova Southeastern University)
Cataloging - Joe Hinger (St. John’s University)
Circulation - Frances Brillantine (Catholic University of America)
Serials - Virginia Bryant (George Washington University)
Systems - Tom Baker (Columbia Law School)

Discussion Groups: Topics
Partners - Pat Callahan (University of Pennsylvania)
BNA Tables of Contents - Mary Strouse (Catholic Univ. of America)
Printing issues - Elizabeth Moore (Loyola University, New Orleans)
Scopes & shared catalogs - Richard Amelung (Saint Louis University)

4:30 -- Wrap-up and adjournment

The program agenda as distributed is reproduced above. As it turned out, Sandy Westall’s presentation was delayed. While we waited, Ted Fons treated us to an impromptu presentation on Release 2002 and Millennium Access Plus. Sandy eventually arrived safely and with quite a story to tell. Due to accumulated travel delays, she spent nearly 24 hours in transit from California. Without benefit of sleep or sustenance, she nevertheless delivered abbreviated remarks and took questions from the audience. We’d like to express our gratitude and admiration to both Sandy and Ted.

Respectfully submitted,

Elizabeth Moore, ILUG Vice Chair/Chair-Elect &
Mary Strouse, ILUG Chair, 2002/2003