Minutes of the Annual Meeting
July 14, 2001
Minneapolis, Minnesota

I. Introduction
Richard Amelung, ILUG Chair, called the meeting to order at 9:10 AM. He welcomed all of those who were in attendance at the meeting.

II. Minutes
A motion was made, seconded and members voted to approve the Minutes of the 2000 meeting as published in the October 2000 mailing.

III. Chair's Report
Richard briefly went over the day's agenda, noting there would be two programs presented by ILUG members, as well as a program and an Innovative update presented by Innovative staff, followed by discussion groups.

Richard commented that he had an enjoyable year as Chair of the ILUG, working with the people who helped put together today's program, and those who help make the organization run. He thanked Lucinda Harrison-Cox (Roger Williams University) for her two years of service as Treasurer, Brian Quigley (University of Texas) for managing the ILUG electronic list, Martin Wisneski (Washburn University) for continuing to serve as ILUG Webmaster, and Mary Jane Kelsey (Yale University) for her assistance as Past Chair. Richard also thanked Innovative Interfaces for their sponsorship of the breakfast and breaks, as well as supplying today's speakers.

Richard announced that two mailings were sent to member institutions during the past year. The ILUG domain name came up for renewal, and was renewed for the next five years.

Richard highlighted the activities of the ILUG, especially for those six to seven members attending their first ILUG meeting today. ILUG meets annually at the AALL conference, and plans a program generally with a theme focusing on a module or function of the III system but which provides a law library application for that function. Another program theme is to consider programs that have been presented regionally or at the national IUG that have applications for law libraries, and by repeating the program at ILUG the program is given a wider audience. Each fall in the initial ILUG mailing, along with the membership renewal, is a survey in which a mentoring program is offered. This past year, one individual took advantage of the program for assistance with the acquisitions module. There is a listserv resource available for asking colleagues questions. In addition, ILUG annually plans a luncheon at the national IUG meeting, as an opportunity for law colleagues to meet. At the Santa Clara meeting this year, 113 law colleagues gathered together over lunch. Law libraries, as a group, were early Innovative Interfaces users, and have played and continue to play a leadership role in the national IUG, with Susan Goldner (University of Arkansas, Little Rock) as Secretary, and Anne Myers (Boston University) as the current Vice-Chair/Chair Elect.

IV. Treasurer's Report
Lucinda Harrison-Cox announced that ILUG was fiscally solvent, with a current balance of $2,672.05. (Included in the first mailing is the current ILUG fiscal statement.)

V. Officers
Richard announced that Mary Strouse (Catholic University of America) is the new Vice-Chair/Chair Elect, and Barbara Plante (University of Connecticut) is the new Treasurer. Richard thanked the other candidates, Sandra Klein (Notre Dame) and Kit Kreilick (Fordham University), for their willingness to run for office.

Then, Richard continued tradition and passed the "orange folder" to Virginia Bryant to install her as the 2001/2002 Chair of the ILUG.

VI. New Business
Virginia thanked Richard for having her year as Vice-Chair run so smoothly. She thanked Lucinda Harrison-Cox for doing a great job as Treasurer for the past two years, and presented her with a small gift in appreciation for her work on behalf of ILUG. Noting that Richard's choice of meal (fish) at IUG in Santa Clara had prompted much discussion, Virginia presented Richard with a token of remembrance of that gathering. Virginia continued tradition, and passed the small "orange envelope of confetti" to Mary Strouse to install her as Vice-Chair of the ILUG.

Virginia mentioned that ILUG has received an information request from IUG to regional and special user groups inquiring whether there is interest in having an IUG Steering Committee representative attend their group meetings to give a report on IUG activities. The ILUG officers will be discussing this request.

There has been a suggestion that the day of the ILUG luncheon at IUG be moved to occur earlier in the conference instead of the last day, to allow more time for law colleagues to network. This suggestion has been discussed with IUG, and may be possible for the Houston meeting.

In closing, Virginia noted that there will be an additional discussion group for Circulation this afternoon, a wonderful reminder of the terrific volunteer efforts of ILUG members.

VII. Program

9:30-10:30 a.m. .... Program: Server and OPAC Security
Bill Fray (Yale Law School)

10:45-11:45 a.m. ..... Program: Customizing your Innovative "Look"
John McCullough (Innovative Interfaces)

11:45-1:00 p.m. ...... Lunch

1:15-1:50 p.m. ........ III Company Presentation
Leslie Straus (Innovative Interfaces)

2:00-2:30 p.m. ..... Program: Millennium Acquisitions
Kim Clarke (Ohio State Univ.)

2:45-3:45 p.m. ........ Discussion Groups
  Earlene Kuester (Stetson Univ.)
  Barbara Szalkowski (South Texas College of Law)
  Martha Clark (Yale Univ.), Alison Ewing (Arizona State Univ.)
Relationship between Tech Services Administration and Systems Administration
  Elizabeth Moore (Loyola Univ., New Orleans)
  Tylka Vetula (George Washington Univ.)
Web Management Reports
  Virginia Bryant (George Washington Univ.)

After a lively discussion period among all of the groups, the meeting concluded at 4:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Virginia Bryant, ILUG Chair, 2001/2002

Treasurer's Report
2001 Summary (July 30, 2001)

2001 summary includes all deposits and expenses for 2001 tax reporting purposes. All activity which occurred 7/00-12/00 was reported on the 2000 tax returns.

Total deposits
  2001 dues deposits                                 1,160.00
  2002 IUG/ILUG pass through Lunch deposits
    (Minneapolis)                                    1,108.00

Total expenses
  Pass through lunch deposits                        1,108.00
  Federal taxes paid in 2001 for 2000                   48.77
  Bank service charges
    mailings, env/labels, postage expenses              91.67
  Food subsidy ILUG (Minneapolis)                      250.37
  Luncheon refunds                                      33.00
  Domain name renewal                                  140.00
  AALL Meeting A/V Expenses                            963.96

ILUG Statement of Account (July 30, 2001)

                                            CREDIT   DEBIT   BALANCE
07/30	Beginning Balance                                    1,597.38
09/27	Deposit (Dues 1999-2000)             20.00           1,617.38
11/15	AALL 2001 Room Reservation (#190)           200.00   1,417.38
12/11	Deposit (Dues 2000-2001)            960.00           2,377.38
12/13	Deposit (Dues 2000-2001)            100.00           2,477.38
01/05	Deposit (Dues 2000-2001)            320.00           2,797.38
02/08	Deposit (Dues 2000-2001)            240.00           3,037.38
02/09	Deposit (Dues 2000-2001)             20.00           3,057.38
03/12	IRS 2000 Taxes (#191)                        48.77   3,008.61
03/17	Postmaster - postage (#192)                   6.80   3,001.81
03/19	Deposit (Dues 2000-2001)            500.00           3,501.81
05/11	Domain Name Renewal (#193)                  140.00   3,361.81
05/11	Postage (#194)                               13.61   3,348.20
05/18	Deposit (Dues 2000-2001)             20.00           3,368.20
06/14	Postage & mailing supplies (#195)            71.15   3,297.05
06/19	Deposit (AALL Lunch)                475.00           3,772.05
06/18	Deposit (AALL Lunch)                308.00           4,080.05
06/30	Deposit (AALL Lunch)                100.00           4,180.05
07/02	Refund - AALL Lunch overpayment               8.00   4,172.05
07/02	Minneapolis Hilton - deposit (#197)       1,500.00   2,672.05
07/14	Minneapolis Hilton - balance (#198)         789.33   1,882.72
07/28	Deposit (AALL Lunch)                225.00           2,107.72
07/28	Deposit (Dues 2000-2001)             60.00           2,167.72
07/28	Refund - AALL Lunch payment (#199)           25.00   2,142.72