Minutes of the Annual Meeting
July 17, 1999
Washington, D.C.

(Meeting was held at the Grand Hyatt)

Susan Goldner, ILUG Chair, called the meeting to order at 9:00 am.

I. Introduction

Susan welcomed 96 pre-registered attendees and announced that five new libraries have joined ILUG: Franklin Pierce Law Center Library, Ropes and Gray (Boston), University of Nevada Las Vegas, Washington State Law Library, Arkansas Supreme Court Library.

II. Minutes

A motion was made, seconded and members voted to accept the Minutes of the 1998 meeting as published in the November, 1998 mailing.

III. Chair's Report

Susan thanked Virginia Bryant as outgoing Treasurer. She presented Virginia with a gift and praised Virginia's dependability and resourcefulness. Virginia not only saved us money on our taxes this year and in the future, but Virginia and her staff were also responsible for arranging lunch at Tony Cheng Seafood Restaurant at a considerable savings over a hotel luncheon. Susan also thanked Innovative for the break refreshments and for sponsoring the Joint SIS Reception that evening. She announced the three programs offered by Innovative at AALL Annual Meeting. The topics were Web Opac, Release 2000, Millennium update. Susan announced the schedule for the day noting that as a result of the fall survey, this year there would be two programs presented mainly by users. The programs were on WebPac design and Millennium. Susan thanked Martin Wisneski (Washburn University) for serving as the ILUG Webmaster. Martin has obtained a new domain name for us, innopaclaw.org. She thanked Adrian White (Howard University) for being keeper of the IUG electronic list.

Susan announced that three mailings went out to members during the past year.

IV. Treasurer's Report

Virginia announced that the ILUG has 110 institutional members, 107 whose dues were in hand. The account balance after the luncheon is $2115. This year, ILUG raised the question with the IRS as to whether we had to consider the funds received from members for lunches associated with the IUG and ILUG meetings as income, since the funds pass through our bank. Since we are a volunteer organization and the funds just pass through, the IRS decision was that we did not have to declare those funds as income. Consequently, ILUG will apply funds from an overpayment of California state taxes to the 1999 return.

V. IUG Meeting Report

The annual IUG meeting was held April 24-27, 1999 in Oakland, California. Approximately 75 members of ILUG attended lunch together on Tuesday, April 27. Susan reported that several law librarians had an active part in organizing the proceedings. Celeste Feather coordinated the registration desk, Jane Walsh served on the program committee, Anne Myers was elected to the position of Member-at-Large. Several law librarians made presentations. Susan encouraged all to attend IUG as the programs are excellent.

VI. Old Business

Susan reported that after calling for mentors and mentees in the Fall mailing she paired 7 mentees in March with volunteers and had more volunteers than needed.

Brian Quigley reported for the Enhancement Committee which was formed as a result of comments made during the 1998 meeting and the interest expressed in the Fall Questionnaire. The question the committee was asked to consider was should ILUG form its own enhancement request procedure. ILUG members were encouraged to join IUG so that they can to participate in its enhancement process. The committee recommended that we not create a separate process, but continue to use IUG's enhancement request procedure. The committee members were: Kathy Faust (Lewis and Clark), Chair, Janet McKinney (UMKC), Anne Myers (Boston University), Phyllis Post (Capital University), Brian Quigley (University of Texas at Austin).

Brian also reported that he has created a ILUG list. All contacts for member institutions were automatically subscribed and invitations issued to distribute news of the list to all interested colleagues. The inspiration for starting the list came during a meeting the ILUG Enhancements Committee held in Anaheim. The Committee decided that there was a need to educate law librarians about enhancement of the Innovative system. Additionally, the ILUG Board hopes that this discussion list will facilitate communication between ILUG members. This list will be particularly useful as a way to share information about ILUG meetings and other Group activities. In general, messages from the Chair will be sent to this list, and no longer posted on the INNOPAC or LAW-LIB lists.

VII. Officers

Susan announced that Richard Amelung (St. Louis University) is the new Vice-Chair/Chair Elect; Lucinda Harrison-Cox (Roger Williams University) is the new Treasurer. She thanked Mary Jane Kelsey, who as Vice-Chair served as a one-woman nominations committee. Susan gave special thanks to all candidates for agreeing to run and urged members to consider putting their own names forward for future offices. She acknowledged Georgia Briscoe (Colorado University), past Chair for her continuing contribution to the executive committee and announced that Georgia had just climbed Denali, the highest peak in North America. This accomplishment received thunderous applause. Susan established a new tradition when she installed Mary Jane as Chair by presenting the orange folder with the famously expensive ILUG sign purchased for a past meeting and declared that it was much more useful than a gavel. She thanked Mary Jane for her invaluable assistance during the past year and felt sure that ILUG would be in capable hands next year.

VIII. New Business

Mary Jane thanked Susan for her leadership and presented her with a gift. She expressed her appreciation for the opportunity to chair ILUG and looked forward to the able assistance of Richard and Lucinda. There was no new business and after a short break the programming began.

IX. Program

10:15-11:30 a.m. .... Program : Customizing the WebPAC

11:45-1:00 p.m. ...... Lunch (Family Style at Chinese Restaurant)

1:15-1:30 p.m. ........ III Company Presentation Leslie Straus

1:30-3:00 p.m. ........ Program: Upgrading to Millennium

3:00-4:00 p.m. ........ Discussion Groups

After a summary of the key points covered by the discussion groups, with no further business for discussion, the meeting adjourned at 4:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Jane Kelsey
ILUG Chair, 1999/2000