Minutes of the Annual Meeting
July 11, 1998
Anaheim, California

(Meeting was held at the Anaheim Hilton)

Georgia Briscoe, ILUG Chair, called the meeting to order at 9:05 am.

I. Introduction

Georgia introduced Susan Goldner (University of Arkansas at Little Rock) as the incoming ILUG Chair, and Virginia Bryant (George Washington University) as Treasurer. She thanked Martin Wisneski (Washburn University) for serving as the ILUG Webmaster, and Adrian White (Howard University) for being the keeper of the IUG electronic list. She announced the schedule for the day, and thanked Innovative for providing the break refreshments and for sponsoring the Joint SIS Reception that evening. She announced the six seminars offered by Innovative during the AALL Annual Meeting. The topics of the seminars are Millennium Update, Automatic Authorities Processing, Electronic Reserves, WEB Access Management, Millennium WEB Reports, and Statistics.

II. Treasurer's Report

Virginia announced that the ILUG has 112 paid members. The account balance on June 29, 1998 was $1,999.49. The ILUG dues pay the expenses for two mailings a year, postage expenses for bank deposits, subsidize the lunch held during the IUG meeting (Nashville $525), the one-day annual meeting at AALL expenses and subsidize the systems managers lunch (Anaheim $430), and taxes.

III. IUG Meeting Report

Georgia announced that over 900 people attended the IUG Meeting held in Nashville, Tennessee, May 2-5, 1998. Approximately 100 were law librarians, who attended a lunch held by the ILUG. At that lunch Jerry Kline, III President, addressed the group responding to concerns about the increasing costs of maintaining III systems. Celeste Feather, a former ILUG Chair, did a wonderful job as Program Chair for the meeting. Next year's meeting will be in Oakland, California on April 25-27, 1999. Georgia urged us to attend and to consider presenting a program.

IV. Old Business - Letter Writing Campaign

Georgia reported that the major ILUG accomplishment of the past year was a letter writing campaign to Innovative. Thirty law library directors signed the letter which was sent to Jerry Kline on February 18, 1998. The letter expressed concern about the cost of maintaining and upgrading our III systems. Jerry Kline's address at the ILUG lunch in Nashville was a direct response to the letter. A letter from Jerry should arrive at each law library soon.

V. 1998-1999 Officers

Georgia announced that Mary Jane Kelsey (Yale University) is the new Vice-Chair/Chair Elect. Virginia Bryant continues as Treasurer.

Georgia turned the meeting over to Susan Goldner as incoming Chair.

VI. New Business

Susan thanked Georgia for her leadership for two years, and gave her a small gift. She asked for suggestions for projects the group might undertake, including suggestions to improve the WEB page. As an example, she reported that Anne Myers (Boston University) surveyed ILUG members to find out which libraries had their own system and which shared their system. The response to that survey is available on the ILUG Web page. Susan announced that there will be a short survey in the Fall mailing. Among other things, it will ask for volunteers to serve as mentors to librarians new to Innovative systems.

VII. Group Discussions

The group broke up into small groups to discuss specific topics. These were covered in two one-hour sessions. The topics and group leaders were:

VIII. Lunch

The meeting broke for lunch. Twenty-five people attended the Systems Managers' Lunch.

IX. III Company Presentation

Leslie Strauss, Vice President of Customer Sales, gave the III company presentation. She began by announcing that seven III staff members were attending the AALL meeting. She reported on the new law library sites added during the last year. At III there was a 20% increase in operations (customer service and support) staff during the past year. III has an increased focus on preventing problems. Two tools for this are a new customer service WEB page and technical advances that detect and report local system problems automatically. Release 12 will be available in early Fall. Each library will receive a proposal for a Millennium system expansion package which allows the library to do advance planning. Libraries are not required to upgrade to Millennium, but III recommends it if the library is able to take advantage of the proposal.

Andrew Pace, Product Integration Specialist, led a training program on WEBPAC.

With no further business for discussion, the meeting adjourned at 4:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan D. Goldner
ILUG Chair, 1998/1999