Minutes of the Annual Meeting
July 19, 1997
Baltimore, Maryland

(Meeting was held at the Baltimore Convention Center, Room 315)

Richard Jost, ILUG Chair, called the meeting to order at 9:00am.

I. Welcome:

Richard welcomed over 100 members in attendance. He thanked Innovative Interfaces Inc. for providing refreshments for both the morning and afternoon sessions. Richard announced the place and time of the eight product demonstrations which III presented and the reception which III sponsored Saturday evening.

II. Announcement of new officers:

Richard introduced Georgia Briscoe (University of Colorado) as the chair for 1997/98, Susan Goldner (University of Arkansas) as the vice-chair/chair-elect, and Virginia Bryant (George Washington University) as the treasurer. He thanked candidates, Brian Quigley (University of Texas) and Kathy Faust (Lewis & Clark College). Richard also thanked Terry Toy (University of California at Riverside) for the serving as treasurer of ILUG since its founding.

III. Treasurer's report:

In the absence of Terry Toy, Richard reported the balance of $2559.84 as of July 7, 1997. ILUG has 113 members including 3 foreign memberships. He asked members to check the address list to insure that the listing had the proper contact person in each institutional membership.

IV. IUG Oakland meeting report:

Richard reported that over 700 Innovative users attended the Fifth Annual Innovative Users Group Meeting in Oakland, California, March 16-18, 1997. Eighty-eight programs were offered covering diverse topics. Sixty-eight Law Librarians attended the ILUG luncheon on March 17,1997. Richard encouraged attendance at the Sixth annual meeting to be held in Nashville, May 2-5, 1998.

V. ILUG Procedures:

Richard reviewed the structure and procedures of the ILUG. All memberships are institutional at $20 per year with one contact person listed from each institution. Mailings go to the contact person. There have been three mailings per year: the first in November for membership renewal, the second before the IUG meeting in the Spring, and the third before AALL. ILUG has a homepage which is maintained by Martin Wisneski at Washburn University. Richard thanked Martin for these efforts.

The highlight of each ILUG year is the all day ILUG workshop which formerly took place on the Thursday following AALL. It was switched to the Saturday prior to AALL since most members needed a Saturday night stay for reduced air fare and to increase attentiveness at the workshop. The business meeting was held in the afternoon of the workshop with presentations by III in the morning. Richard moved the business meeting to the morning session, with the small group discussions. This allows ILUG members to ask questions, which have surfaced in the morning sessions, of the III staff who make their presentations in the afternoon. The luncheon for system managers of each library is for one person per institution.

VI. Upcoming Activities:

Georgia Briscoe expressed what a pleasure it had been to work with Richard who is extremely organized and thorough. The attendees thanked Richard for his leadership with a hearty round of applause.

Georgia looks forward to a productive and fun year. She believes ILUG is at a turning point in its future, since the basic structure, bylaws, mission statement, membership and treasury are established. She asked for input from the members as to which direction they would like to take next year. The spirited discussion coalesced around the desire to become an advocacy group for the many concerns that members expressed. These concerns centered on III cost and service issues. A general strategy for making these concerns known to III was decided. This strategy is to be implemented by the ILUG officers.

Georgia told the members what they can expect in mailings from her next year:

Registration for the ILUG luncheon at the IUG meeting in Nashville, Tuesday, May 5, will be mailed out with the IUG registration packet by IUG.

Finally, Georgia asked for a vote on how much members are willing to pay for the two luncheons each year (at the ILUG workshop and the IUG annual meeting). A show of hands indicated that $15 would be paid by members and the remainder of the lunch expense, which is usually about $25, would be paid from the treasury.

VII. Workshop Activities:

Richard explained the activities for the rest of the day. These included the afternoon III presentations: State-of-the-Company and New product development report by Leslie Strauss; a state of customer relations and CD-ROM manual report by Tom Jacobson; and presentations on Electronic ordering and claiming by Sandy Westall.

Richard introduced the small group discussion leaders and assigned areas of the room for their assembly. The groups and their leaders were: Serials--Virginia Bryant (George Washington University); Acquisitions-Georgia Briscoe (University of Colorado); Cataloging-Loren Stamper (University of San Diego) and Suzanne Harvey (Seattle University); Circulation-Steve Young (University of Texas); New users-Richard Jost (University of Washington); Webpac-Martin Wisneski (Washburn University); Tapeloading and Systems Mgt.-Georgia Briscoe.

Minutes prepared by Georgia Briscoe, University of Colorado Law Library