Minutes of the Annual Meeting
July 20, 1996
Indianapolis, Indiana

(Meeting was held at the Indianapolis Convention Center, Room 141)

Carole Hinchcliff, ILUG Chair, called the meeting to order at 2:00 pm.

I. Introductions.
Carole introduced Richard Jost (University of Washington) as the incoming ILUG Chair and Georgia Briscoe (University of Colorado) as the Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect. Carole announced that 63 people were registered for the workshop and 39 people were registered for the Systems Manager lunch. Carole thanked III for providing the morning and afternoon refreshments for the group.

II. IUG Meeting Report.
Carole gave a brief overview of the Innovative Users Group meeting that was held in Providence, Rhode Island in April. She told the group that it was a very informative and well-organized meeting with an interesting mix of programs. The next annual IUG meeting will be held in Oakland, California from March 15 - March 18. Carole urged that ILUG members attend this meeting if possible and that one of the goals of the group was to have presentations by ILUG members as part of the IUG program. Carole asked that people interested in participating in the planning or presentation of a program contact one of the ILUG officers.

III. Treasurer's Report.
Carole gave the treasurer's report for Terry Toy who was unable to attend the meeting. As of July 1996, the ILUG has a balance of $1683.75. ILUG has 112 paid members, 7 foreign library members and have had 12 libraries dropped from the membership list for lack of dues payment. Carole stated that the primary use of ILUG funds was to underwrite the costs of ILUG events at the IUG and AALL meetings.

IV. Tax Status/Bylaws.
Carole reported that ILUG had filed tax returns for both state (California) and federal government. Carole also reported that Elizabeth Moore (Loyola University) drafted a set of bylaws which were voted on by the group in the March mailing.

V. Mission Statement.
Carole reported that the draft mission statement had been discussed at the meeting of ILUG members at the IUG Providence meeting. Carole proposed that the mission statement be adopted as written which was ratified by a unanimous vote of the members present. The ILUG Mission Statement reads as follows:

The Innovative Law User Group is open to all law libraries that are current or prospective customers of Innovative Interfaces, Inc. and that use the III software for their automated library system. The group focuses on the special needs of law libraries in an integrated, automated environment and how best to use the III system to meet these needs.

The specific goals of the organization are:

  1. Serve as a forum for member libraries with questions about profiling, installing and using their III systems.
  2. Serve as a forum for discussing III issues at national meetings and conferences.
  3. Serve as a liaison between law libraries and the Innovative User Group.
  4. Undertake special projects of interest to law libraries involving the use of III systems.
  5. Convey member's concerns and suggestions to the III management.

VI. ILUG Web Site.
Carole thanked Martin Wisneski and the staff of Washburn University for setting up and maintaining the ILUG web site. Carole encouraged members to submit documents to Martin for loading onto the web site, especially those that have been compiled for use by staff to perform III functions in their local environment. Carole reported that the web site also includes a list of paid ILUG members.

VII. TS/OBS Reception.
Carole announced that III was sponsoring the TS/OBS reception in Indianapolis on Saturday evening in the Grand Ballroom of the Westin Hotel.

VIII. III Presentation.
Carole introduced Sandy Westall, Leslie Strauss and Hillary Newman from III who provided an overview of III news and developments.

Sandy Westall announced that there would be three III sessions during the AALL meeting on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. The scheduled sessions included reference databases, table of contents and LC authority services, events calendar database, create lists, basic statistics, advanced statistics and Release 10 highlights. Sandy also announced that Release 10 would be in limited release as of August 1 and would be available in general release as of September 1.

Hillary Newman detailed the reorganization of the III customer service operation in responseto user concerns. With the new structure in place, there is one email address for all system questions (helpesk@iii.com) and it is no longer necessary to differentiate between software and hardware problems. There will be regular status reports issued to each library on their outstanding problems and a team leader will be assigned to each site to intervene if the library has any problems with the normal help desk channels. A direct telephone line to the customer service desk is being planned but is not operational at this time. A question was raised as to the email response received from the help desk--was it sent automatically or was it sent by a III staff person? Hillary assured the group that the email responses were sent by a III staff person who would provide a contact name and time frame for responding to their message.

Leslie Strauss spoke on Project Millennium, which is the III project name to provide corporate direction up to the year 2000. The project is to guide the company developments from the products of today to the products of tomorrow.

According to Leslie, Project Millennium represents an umbrella term over a suite of new modules which will be graphical in nature. However, all the new generation products do not automatically replace the existing products currently in use and will be able to work along with the existing system configurations.

Project Millennium aims to incorporate the technology of tomorrow into its applications, with client-server software that will sit on the III server and deliver information dynamically to graphical workstations at each site. III is one of the first automation vendors to have developed a Java applets for information and is committed to continue to develop and take advantage of new technologies.

IX. Small Group Discussions.
The meeting divided into small groups to discuss particular modules of the III system. The group leaders were: Acquisitions (Mary Chapman, New York University); Cataloging (Mary Stanco, Cleveland State University); Circulation (Richard Jost, University of Washington); Serials (Georgia Briscoe, University of Colorado).

Minutes prepared by Richard Jost, Gallagher Law Library, University of Washington.