Minutes of the Annual Meeting
July 15, 1995
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

(Meeting was held at the Doubletree Hotel)

Welcoming remarks by Celeste Feather, ILUG Chairperson, 1994-1995.

Celeste explained ILUG's tax status. Neither IUG nor ILUG are eligible for tax-exempt status because these groups do not have broad enough educational missions.

Celeste reported that ILUG has 119 library members including I law firm library.

Celeste announced that Terry Toy will continue to serve as Treasurer for ILUG. Celeste gave a brief report on the expenditure of ILUG funds. This year ILUG funds have been spent to provide 3 mailings to all members on the address list, and die printing of the ILUG Directory which is also available via INNVIEW. ILUG funds were also used to support this morning's workshop which was attended by 74 librarians from 54 libraries and the luncheon for new users from 17 sites. Celeste expects ILUG to have a balance of $200 after expenses associated with the annual meeting are paid.

Celeste strongly recommended that ILUG have a short set of bylaws covering matters such as how voting should be done - (generally I mail vote per member library) and how funds should be spent. Dues are used to pay for mailings, cover expenses related to the Annual Meeting and if available, could be used to assist an ILUG representative to attend the Annual IUG meeting on behalf of our group.

Carole Hinchcliff, ILUG Chair for 1995-1996 reported briefly on the 3rd Annual IUG Meeting held in Oakland, CA from April 23-25, 1995, and the IUG meeting held at ALA on June 2 in Chicago. Carole thanked Celeste for her service as outgoing chair of ILUG.

Innovative Staff Presentations
Jerry Kline, President of Innovative Interfaces, Inc. made opening remarks and introduced the members of the III staff who were attending the AALL meeting.

Jerry welcomed new III law libraries including Willamette, University of Colorado, Quinnipiac Law School Library, Suffolk, Lewis & Clark, Nova, University of Georgia, California Western, Stetson, University of Houston, Vermont Law School, Dusquesne, The Canadian Department of Justice Library, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, University of London and Mississipi College of Law. Law libraries scheduled for 1995 include Chapman, University of Tennessee, Howard, South Texas, Notre Dame, University of Missouri at Columbia, and Kansas City.

Faye Chartoff, Vice President for Operations reviewed the III organization chart. As of July 15, III had 121 staff members, 70 of whom are in operations. III has been undergoing a reorganization and expansion of the staff. 8-10 new systems are being installed each month. A conversion consultant, training consultant and technical support specialist work with each new site.

Approximately 500 calls each day are received by the technical support help desk and the library support help desk. Ill users contact die help desks via phone, mail, fax or electronic mail. The automated call tracking system is used to monitor the status of calls and shows a detailed history of each call. The technical support desk staff members aim to return calls within 2 hours of them being logged in.

There have been 131 installations of Release 9 and 317 remain to be installed. Installations have been scheduled through August, 1995.

III has been providing reference databases, local community databases, citation databases, and Blackwell Table of Contents Service via INNVIEW services.

Leslie Strauss can be contacted at sales@iii.com. Leslie is responsible for providing sales support which includes making available the product catalog and price information.

Question/Answer Period
Jerry Kline answered questions about the new III releases and how long it will take III to install the remaining sites. Two sites per day are receiing Release 9. There is no official 9.2 release. You can see the III Web Server if you have Netscape or Mosaic. Simon Fraser University and University of San Diego were test sites. The Web Server will be offered as part of Release 9.1.

Discussion Sessions

» Part I - 3:25 - 4: 1 0 p.m.
» Part 2 - 4:15 - 5:00 p.m.

Hand Outs

  1. Agenda
  2. INNOPAC Release 9.1 Preliminary List of Enhancements & New Products. June 19, 1995.
  3. Innovative Interfaces Training Workshops (schedule for Pittsburgh AALL Meeting)
  4. Helpful Internet Resources Related to Innovative Interfaces Inc.
  5. Contact address for Innovative Users Group

[Submitted by] Carole L. Hinchcliff