Mentoring Program

The ILUG mentoring program attempts to match interested individuals who may be new to Innovative, to law libraries, or to a particular position with other individuals willing to share their experience and expertise in a particular area or Innovative module.

The program is open to all staff from ILUG member libraries.

To request a mentor, or to volunteer as a mentor, please complete this form and return to:

David R. Burch
ILUG Vice-Chair, 2017-2018
Head of Library Computing Services
Loyola Law School
William M. Rains Library
919 Albany St.
Los Angeles, CA 90015-1211
[(213) 736-1115 or david.burch [at]]

Whitney A. Curtis
ILUG Chair, 2017-2018
Associate Director/Head of Public Services
Euliano Law Library
Barry University School of Law
6441 E Colonial Dr.
Orlando, FL 32807-3650
[(321) 206-5703 or wcurtis [at]]

___ Please find me a mentor   ___ I am willing to be a mentor

Name: _______________________________________________________

Library: ____________________________________________________

Title: ______________________________________________________

Phone: (    ) ____________  E-Mail: _________________________

Area of Interest or Expertise:
____ Acquisitions              ____ RSS
____ Cataloging                ____ Serials
____ Circulation               ____ System Administration 
____ ERM                       ____ WAM
____ Interlibrary Loan         ____ WebBridge
____ INN-Reach                 ____ WebPAC
____ Metafind/Research Pro     ____ WebPAC Pro
____ Other _______________     ____ Z39.50             

Specify Release you are on___________________________________