2005/2006 Second Mailing
May 3, 1006



Thomas Baker
Columbia University
Arthur W. Diamond
Law Library
tbaker [at] law.columbia.edu


Katrina Piechnik
Jenkins Law Library
kpiechnik [at] jenkinslaw.org


Phyllis C. Post
Capital University Law Library
ppost [at] law.capital.edu


Martin Wisneski
Washburn University
martin.wisneski [at] washburn.edu


Brian Quigley
University of Texas at Austin
bquigley [at] mail.law.utexas.edu

Innovative Users Group
Annual Meeting

May 19-22, 2006
Denver, CO

Innovative Law Users Group
Annual Meeting

July 8, 2006
Saint Louis, MO

Dear Innovative Law Library User:

This is the second of the two regular mailings for the 2005/2006 ILUG term. There are two items of business at hand:

Please place your ballot inside the blank envelope we have provided. Return envelope and ballot to me by Monday, June 5, 2006. (Thomas Baker, ILUG Chair, Arthur W. Diamond Law Library, Columbia Law School, 435 W. 116th St., New York, NY 10027)

In the election for Vice-Chair/Chair Elect, each member library has one vote. (See ILUG bylaws.) Nevertheless, participation in ILUG events and activities is open to all interested staff. Please encourage your colleagues to attend the annual meeting.

In addition to presentations by III staff, Elizabeth Moore will talk about recovering from Hurricane Katrina, Mary Strouse will do a presentation on ABA statistics, and Georgia Briscoe, Mary Jane Kelsey, and I will lead a discussion, hopefully including a representative from III, on the state of Millennium.

I hope to see you at the IUG in Denver and at our Annual Meeting in July, 2006. Minutes of the 2005 Annual Meeting are available on the ILUG website.

Sincerely yours, and thank you for your participation in the work of the Innovative Law Users Group,

Tom Baker, ILUG Chair, 2005/2006