2002/2003 Second Mailing
May 29, 2003


Mary Strouse
Catholic University of America
strouse [at] law.cua.edu


Elizabeth Moore
Loyola University, New Orleans
emoore [at] loyno.edu


Barbara Plante
University of Connecticut
bplante [at] law.uconn.edu


Martin Wisneski
Washburn University
zzwisn [at] washburn.edu


Brian Quigley
University of Texas at Austin
bquigley [at] mail.law.utexas.edu

Innovative Users
Group Meeting

April 25-28, 2003
San Jose, CA

Innovative Law Users Group
Annual Meeting

July 13, 2003
Seattle, WA

May 29, 2003

Dear Innovative Law Library User:

This is the second mailing for the 2002/2003 ILUG term. It contains important information concerning the election of 2003/2004 Officers and the Annual Meeting:

These documents (except the ballot) are available from the ILUG website, along with the 2002/2003 Survey and preliminary survey results

The deadline for mailing the Ballot and the annual meeting Registration is June 30, 2003. Please use the enclosed envelope for the Ballot only, and mail your Registration(s) separately. The Registration form may be duplicated as needed for additional staff.

Gerald Kline, the Chairman and CEO of Innovative Interfaces, will be in Seattle to update us on the company's development initiatives. To accommodate Mr. Kline's schedule, we will start the business meeting at 8:50 am rather than 9:00. Ted Fons will be back to show off the new Millennium Statistics module and Electronic Resources Management. After lunch, we'll have three member presentations and the discussion groups.

I hope to see many of you in Seattle. In the meantime, please let me hear your questions or concerns.

Very truly yours,

Mary Strouse,
ILUG Chair