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Annual Meeting
Renaissance Grand Hotel / St. Louis, Missouri / July 8, 2006
Proposal to Establish a Grant for Attending the
ILUG Annual Meeting for Board Member or an ILUG Member

I would like to comment and get feedback regarding financial hardships that members of our group may encounter with respect to obtaining funds to attend ILUG at the Annual Meeting of the American Association of Law Libraries whether as an individual or during the three consecutive years that one serves as a Board member.

Currently, many of our members find it difficult to pay for the additional day to attend ILUG workshops in addition to their AALL Convention costs. For example, this year, for the first time, my employer is unable to fully fund my expenses to attend AALL. I feel uncomfortable addressing this issue as the incoming Chair of the IUG because I have two years left in my service on the Board, but I am also sure that this issue will arise again in the future for other members of our group.

I am proposing establishing grant to cover expenses for one night accommodation. This grant would be available to those members of the ILUG Board in need. I am hoping that availability of this grant would encourage members to volunteer to work on the Board.

If a change in policy is to occur, I would of course recommend implementing it after my term expires.

ILUG's bylaws state:

A. There shall be an annual meeting of ILUG held at the Conference of the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL).
B. The officers of ILUG may choose a representative of ILUG to attend the Annual Meeting of the Innovative Users Group and to report back to ILUG members. ILUG will try to provide the representative with financial assistance for expenses such as transportation, registration and hotel. The ILUG officers shall determine the amount of assistance based upon the financial support given by the representative's institution, as well as the amount of ILUG funds available.

Unfortunately we don't have the structure or the money allotted in the budget this year for grants and I am unsure if it has done so in the past. However; if we want to attract a diverse leadership to our Board, we must address this issue as many libraries are financially unable to fully fund staff to attend the AALL annual meeting each year where our group holds its annual meeting.

The Board would like to hear from its members with respect to this issue. Please use the Forum to comment or send an email to a board member. We want to hear from our membership and we value your comments. We will use you feedback to develop a policy that will address this issue that I have raised.

Katrina Piechnik
Head of Technical Services
Jenkins Law Library
833 Chestnut St., Suite 1220
Philadelphia, PA 19107-4429
phone 215.574.7907, fax 215.574.7910

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