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The Advanced Keyword

AVS Toolbox

Why Advanced Keyword?

Why Advanced Keyword?

What Hasn’t Changed


Subject Search Result

Keyword Search Result

Basics: 3 Search Screens (+1)

Simple Boolean (Y)

Advanced Boolean (X)

The Search-builder (X+)

“AltaVista” Searching

Basics: 4 Segments

Basics: Choice of Fields

GMD’s in Notes Segment

Basics: Choice of Limits

Custom Limits using 007

Custom Limits, Good and Bad

Variable limit as drop-down

Variable limit in Cross-Index Search

Limit used as exclusion

Publisher Limit

“Noise” retrieval

AVS WWWoptions

AVS WWWoptions

One Display WWWoption

Keyword Highlighting

…and a System Option

Tokens Take Over

What [else] required tokens do

“No hits” message

The Java Jive

Partners Link from Search Results

Pass-through “no hits” Screen

Advanced Staff Searching

AVS in Millennium (Y)

AVS command search (Telnet)


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