ILUG 2018 Grants for IUG and/or AALL Meetings

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2018 ILUG Grant Committee

Applications for grants will be accepted by the current Grants Committee of ILUG to attend

Deadline for both grant applications is February 15, 2018.

See below or sidebar for application form. Email your completed application to Ashley Krenelka Chase at and Kaylan Ellis at and Dawn Smith at

The selected grant recipient must be employed at a library that is a member of ILUG, and the grant will provide assistance of between $300 and $500 to cover costs of attendance at the IUG or AALL meeting. The amount of ILUG funding available, combined with the financial support expected from the applicant's institution as described in the application, will uniquely determine the grant award.

The attendee will be considered a representative of ILUG at the meetings, will take notes of their learning experiences and provide a written report to post on the ILUG website, or make a brief presentation at a subsequent meeting (e.g., present something learned at IUG or AALL), or serve on an ILUG committee.

ILUG expects to fund two grants, though the Chair-appointed Grants Committee may select zero or one recipient based upon the qualifications of the applicants.

The committee will consider: potential to contribute to ILUG and colleagues in ILUG libraries; demonstrated contributions or engagement with ILUG and related professional organizations; financial need (i.e. employer not covering costs). Finally, the committee will attempt to award one grant to an early-career recipient and one who has longer experience.

Grant recipients are not eligible to apply again for three years.

The ILUG Grants Committee chair will notify recipient on or before March 1, 2018.

2018 ILUG Grant Application Form

Application is for grant to attend ____ IUG or ____ AALL

Name: _______________________________________________________

Job Title: __________________________________________________

Institution: ________________________________________________

E-Mail address: _____________________________________________

Work phone: (    ) ____________

Today's Date: _________________

Have you previously attended ILUG meetings at IUG or at AALL?


Have you applied for an ILUG grant before? _____
When? ________   Awarded? ________

If you receive a grant, which of the following ways would you be
willing to participate in ILUG:
_____ Write a report about a session(s) for the website
_____ Serve on an ILUG Committee
_____ Make a presentation at an ILUG meeting
_____ Run for an ILUG office

To what extent would receipt of this grant help you attend
the ILUG annual business meeting at AALL for this year?
(can't attend ILUG at AALL without grant; defray personal
expense � institution won't pay; defray institution�s expense)




ILUG, IUG, AALL - Describe your past and present participation
(such as:  member, attendee, committee(s), presentation(s),
offices held) in these organizations.




Please attach an essay on a separate sheet - 250 words or
less � explaining why you are applying for the grant and potential
learning outcomes from attendance at ILUG at AALL.