Electronic Discussion List Instructions

The Innovative Law Users Group discussion list was established in May 1999 to facilitate communication between ILUG members. The inspiration for starting the list came during a meeting the ILUG Enhancements Committee held in Anaheim. The Committee decided that there was a need to educate law librarians about enhancement of the Innovative system. Our thanks go to Brian Quigley, University of Texas, for suggesting the idea and for hosting the list. Effective February 13, 2007 the list was moved to new list management software and a new server at the University of Texas.

Instructions for joining and maintaining your subscription are included later in this message. If you wish to unsubscribe, the directions for doing so are found there as well.

The discussion list will be used to share information about ILUG meetings and other Group activities. In general, messages from the Chair will be sent to this list, and no longer posted on the INNOPAC or LAW-LIB lists. Please feel free to use this list for questions you have or topics you would like law librarians with Innovative systems to discuss. The list is not intended to replace INNOPAC as the primary source for answers from Innovative users. Instead, it will focus on questions and issues specific to law librarians and the ILUG.

How To Manage Your Subscription

All members, as of February 12, 2007, were moved to the new list automatically.

To manage your subscription (view archives, change e-mail address, unsubscribe, etc.) a password is needed. Go to https://utlists.utexas.edu/sympa/sendpasswd/ and enter your e-mail address in the text box. A password will be sent to the e-mail address you entered.

How To Subscribe To The List

To subscribe to the ILUG list go to https://utlists.utexas.edu/sympa/subscribe/ilug and click the Subscribe link. Follow the prompts to create and activate your account.

How To Post To The List

If you want to post messages to the ILUG list, you should direct your e-mail to: ilug@utlists.utexas.edu.

How To Get Off The List

To unsubscribe from the ILUG list go to https://utlists.utexas.edu/sympa and login to your account. Under 'Your Lists' select 'ilug'. Click 'Unsubscribe,' confirm your choice and then Logout.

List Owner

The list owner is Abigail Miller (amiller@law.utexas.edu). You should contact her if there are any problems.

(revised May 4, 2016)