2017-2018 Officers

Whitney A. Curtis
Chair, 2017-2018
Associate Director/Head of Public Services
Euliano Law Library
Barry University School of Law
6441 E Colonial Dr.
Orlando, FL 32807-3650
(321) 206-5703
wcurtis [at] barry.edu
David R. Burch
Vice-Chair, 2017-2018
Head of Library Computing Services
Loyola Law School
William M. Rains Library
919 Albany St.
Los Angeles, CA 90015-1211
(213) 736-1115
david.burch [at] lls.edu
Kathy Layer
Treasurer, 2016-2018
Cataloging and Metadata Librarian
Western New England University School of Law Library
1215 Wilbraham Rd.
Springfield, MA 01119-2684
(413) 782-1309
kathy.layer [at] law.wne.edu

Past Officers

Year Chair Vice-Chair Treasurer
2016-2017 Ashley Krenelka Chase Whitney A. Curtis Kathy Layer
2015-2016 Scott Matheson Ashley Krenelka Chase Nicole Belbin
2014-2015 Ismael Gullon Scott Matheson Nicole Belbin
2013-2014 Joe Thomas Ismael Gullon Brian Trippodo
2012-2013 Lucinda Harrison-Cox Joe Thomas Brian Trippodo
2011-2012 Melanie Cornell Lucinda Harrison-Cox Brian Trippodo
2010-2011 Marlene Bubrick Melanie Cornell David Burch
2009-2010 Shannon Burchard Marlene Bubrick David Burch
2008-2009 Amy Moberly Shannon Burchard David Burch
2007-2008 Sarah Boling Amy Moberly David Burch
2006-2007 Katrina Piechnik Sarah Boling Phyllis Post
2005-2006 Thomas Baker Katrina Piechnik Phyllis Post
2004-2005 Joseph Hinger Thomas Baker Phyllis Post
2003-2004 Elizabeth Moore Joseph Hinger Phyllis Post
2002-2003 Mary Strouse Elizabeth Moore Barbara Plante
2001-2002 Virginia Bryant Mary Strouse Barbara Plante
2000-2001 Richard Amelung Virginia Bryant Lucinda Harrison-Cox
1999-2000 Mary Jane Kelsey Richard Amelung Lucinda Harrison-Cox
1998-1999 Susan Goldner Mary Jane Kelsey Virginia Bryant
1997-1998 Georgia Briscoe Susan Goldner Virginia Bryant
1996-1997 Richard Jost Georgia Briscoe Terry Toy
1995-1996 Carole L. Hinchcliff Richard Jost Terry Toy
1994-1995 Celeste Feather Carole L. Hinchcliffe Terry Toy
1993-1994 Terry Toy Celeste Feather Position of Treasurer
did not exist prior
to 1994-1995.
1992-1993 Brian D. Striman Terry Toy
1991-1992 Anne Myers Brian Striman
1990-1991 Linda Davis Anne Myers
1989-1990 Cecelia Kwan Linda Davis
1988-1989 Mary Anne Denham Cecelia Kwan
1987-1988 Suzanne Miller Mary Anne Denham